AS build S.A.

Τhe sector that the company "AS build S.A." operates occupies a wide range of activities, which is constantly expanding into new areas for development and implementation of quality management system 'ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008' in the construction of public and private construction projects.

The company consists of an experienced and reliable team of qualified engineers and construction foremen having also owned mechanical equipment, proceeds to comprehensive and rapid completion of projects undertaken, while keeping the characteristic quality of work and materials incorporated into each project.

The company specializes in building projects, having extensive experience in educational institutions, premises of cultural centers and preserved buildings as well as road construction, while continuing to grow assuming redevelopment projects, hydraulic and environmental, but also projects with high standards and special technical specifications.

The "AS build S.A" is a constantly evolving company undertaking the construction of new projects in various parts of Greece and utilizing new opportunities and perspectives.

Recent projects