Construction of a model Municipal Nursing Home of Polygyros – Completion

Project budget: 3.143.080 €

The project concerns the completion of the existing Nursing Home in Polygyros, which has been constructed outside the Plan, in the north-western area of the settlement of Polygyros, with an area of 7,067.90 sq.m .. The object of the contract is all the necessary works in order for the completion and commissioning of the Nursing Home. The building consists of 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor and Roof (partial flat roof – tile roof). The tasks prescribed in short are the following:

  • E/M facilities (water supply, sewerage, strong-weak currents, heating, elevators, active fire protection),
  • Floor coverings, wall claddings,
  • Wooden or metal structures
  • Other finishes of the building,
  • Configuration of the surrounding area

The construction of the project started on 31/03/2015 and is in progress to date.

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