Τhe activity of the company “AS build S.A.” overcomes a wide range of infrastructure projects, which is constantly expanding to new sectors by development and implementing a quality management system ‘ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008’ in the construction and production of public and private technical projects.

Consisting of an experienced and reliable team of trained engineers and foremen and having also its own mechanical equipment, it proceeds to the complete and rapid completion of the projects it undertakes, while the final produced project is characterized by its exceptional quality which is received with great satisfaction the by end users.


Aim of AS build S.A. is to maintain and strengthen its position in the domestic market, as a competitive and innovative company, achieving the complete and uncompromising satisfaction of its customers.

To utilize the improvement of macroeconomic data in our country and to contribute substantially to the promotion of the sustainable development of new buildings but also to the renovation of existing buildings. 

The Company invests in human resources, upgrades its operational infrastructure and works dynamically with a constant presence in tender for building and other projects but also in new markets. 


The company specializes in public and private projects, mainly buildings, but also electromechanical and industrial projects, while at the same time it continues its development by undertaking in recent years projects of extensive urban regeneration (eg the renovation of the wider area of the Xrimatistirio Square in Thessaloniki, the renovation of the shopping center of N. Moudania, Halkidiki, the renovation of the 1st pier of the port of Thessaloniki and much more), plumbing and environmentally. It also specializes in building projects of special technical specifications for metal and static reinforcements for the restoration of listed buildings.

Other Services

Performs energy inspections and building inspections. Issued Certificates of SPC. It offers project management services.


The company established in 1999 as a general partnership featuring works certificate 2nd order of the Ministry. After many years of intense and dynamic presence in the field of construction, with continuous increases of the annual turnover, in 2008 it was transformed into a Technical Societe Anonyme and haw a 4th class contractor certificate MEEP with registration number 24183.

The company, investing in the quality and technical perfection of the constructions, has been certified and applies a quality management system ‘ELOT EN ISO 9001:2000’, health and safety management system ‘ISO 45001:2018’, and an environmental management system ‘ELOT EN ISO 14001:2015’.   


The company is housed in privately owned offices in N. Rysio, Thessaloniki, while it has a privately owned construction site with warehouses, facilities and workshops in the same place.

Its organization chart consists of the project management information department, the construction site organization department, the finance department, the bidding / measurement department, the secretariat and project management. The departments are interconnected and are characterized by the excellent organization of the individual responsibilities, the orderly and smooth cooperation and support.