Mareleon camping & bungalows

The camping is located on the south side of the beach and in the immediate adjacensy of the seaside, its southern border is the seashore.

On the plot of the camping have been built bungalows, distributed in 5 separate building entities, further north the reception WC unit together with WC building B for the service of the eastern part, in the northwestern part a lounge, kitchen as well as WC A service of the western part, centrally one restaurant with dining area and cook house in which on the east side a mini-market and two old existing buildings have been repaired at the entrance of the camping to be used as a reception, outpost and warehouse. Also will be constructed the access roads, the tent infrastructure, swimming pool, pergola for the beach service, sidewalks, street lighting and certified playground.

The investment is focused on managing energy and water savings. The design of the campsite includes elements of bioclimatic design, as many of the materials that will be used to build the buildings will be ecological.

For more information visit the site of the camping.

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